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Picture this: If you own stock of Coca-Cola, or Nescafé, or Horlicks on the stock market, allowing you to earn 10 sen out of every Coca-Cola, Nescafé or Horlicks sold in Malaysia, imagine how much money you could be earning every single day!

In Malaysia, soyabean is one of the most popular drinks, sold everywhere from the smallest roadside stalls to the biggest restaurants. And yet, most people have never heard of Heilongjiang Soya™.

Heilongjiang Soya™ is simply the best soyabean drink in the market, both in terms of nutritional goodness as well as price. Created by Chinese scientists and doctors after extensive research on the dietary habits, Heilongjiang Soya™ is intended to retain the actual nutritional value of soyabeans, and ensure that it reaches the consumer.

It is our desire to put Heilongjiang Soya™ on every table, at every meal. Heilongjiang Soya™ has what it takes to become synonymous to soyabean, just as Kleenex is to face-tissues, and Xerox is to photocopiers.

To accomplish this vision, Heilongjiang Soya™ offers
YOU the opportunity to join us in this business venture. We hardly need to point out the fortune that can be made in the soyabean business - think about it, if in two or three years from now, every body in Malaysia got to know what is Heilongjiang Soya™, find out why it is better than others, and switch from normal soyabean, imagine how much you stand to make, if you enter the business when it's young. You may have missed it out when Coca-Cola or Nescafé began. Don't miss out when Heilongjiang Soya™ becomes big.

From the time you read this page until now, over 50 glasses of soyabean drink has been sold somewhere in Malaysia. Even if we capture just a fraction of the soyabean market, allowing you to earn 10sen out of every glass drunk, consider how much will you be earning every second, every minute, every hour, every single day of your life!

If you're interested in the money, and the business, contact us immediately! The decision is yours, but if you do it well, it'll be a decision you will not regret!

Email Christie Tye
Phone (60) 4 659 8092 (Malaysia)
Mobile 016 456 3988


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Heilongjiang Soya Poster for Consumer Outlets (PDF format)
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Heilongjiang Soya Poster for Consumer Outlets (GIF format)

Introducing Heilongjiang Soya to new Retail Customers, where to buy it, and Free Medical Advice for those with Ailments (JPG format)

How is it possible that Buddhist monks who are strict vegetarians can be so fit? Find out in this Heilongjiang Soya Leaflet for Retail Consumers (GIF format)

Find out what Network Marketing is about, and how you can use it to build your soyabean business (Powerpoint format)

Find out about the nutritional value of soyabeans from independent researches.

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