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Consider this: How would you like to be a pioneer in introducing simply the best soyabean into the market, today in Malaysia, tomorrow elsewhere in Asia Pacific and the world? Sounds exciting? Read on!

Your first step is to become a member of Brilliant Point, the company that manufactures Heilongjiang Soya. That's RM55, for whole life. For that amount, you get the following:

1pc Heilongjiang T-Shirt
1pc Tupperware Shaker
2pc Heilongjiang brochure (Make a Fortune Today)
1pc Heilongjiang poster (The Branded Soyabean Drink)
1pc Brilliant Point compensation plan

In order for the Heilongjiang Soya business to grow, it is necessary for everybody to know about it. And there's no better way for that than through word of mouth.


Find out about the earning power of Heilongjiang Soya

Email Heilongjiang Soya with your inquiries or orders.

Heilongjiang Soya Poster (PDF format)
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Heilongjiang Soya Poster (GIF format)

Find out what Network Marketing is about, and how you can use it to build your soyabean business (Powerpoint format)

How is it possible that Buddhist monks who are strict vegetarians can be so fit? Find out in this Heilongjiang Soya leaflet (GIF format)

Find out about the nutritional value of soyabeans from independent researches.

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