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Noodles / RicePaddy Chicken
Fried Rice, Beehoon, Noodles, Hor FunChicken
Roast Noodles/RicePork
VegetablesCocktail, Shake, Fruit Juice
BeancurdSoft Drinks

Noodles / RicePrice
2.Plain NoodlesRM1.00
3.Szechuen NoodlesRM2.50
4.Ham & Pork NoodlesRM3.00
5.Wanton NoodlesRM4.00
6.Shrimp Dumplings NoodlesRM4.50
7.XO Sauce Pork NoodlesRM4.00
8.Steamed Pork Ribs Noodles / RiceRM4.00
9.Steamed Pork Noodles / RiceRM3.00
10.Chicken Legs Noodles / RiceRM3.00
11.Beef Noodles / RiceRM4.00
12.Seafood Claypot NoodlesRM4.00
13.Dan Dan NoodlesRM4.00
14.Seafood Fish NoodlesRM6.00
15.Tom Yam Fish Head Mee/Mee HoonRM3.50

16.Salted Fish & Pork RiceRM3.00
17.Mushroom Chicken RiceRM3.50
18.Fish Rice with Ginger & Spring OnionsRM3.50
19.Pork Ribs Rice with Black Bean SauceRM4.00
20.Sweet & Sour Pork Chop RiceRM4.00
21.Sweet & Sour Chicken Meatball RiceRM4.00
22.Sweet & Sour Minced Meatball RiceRM4.00
23.Black Pepper Chicken Chop RiceRM4.00
24.Fish Fillet Rice in Szechuen Sauce RiceRM4.00

Fried Rice, Bee Hoon, Noodles, Hor FunPrice
25.Yong Zhou Fried RiceRM3.00
26.Fried Rice with Roast PorkRM3.00
27.Fried Rice with PrawnsRM3.50
28.XO Sauce Fried RiceRM4.00
29.Tasty Fried RiceRM5.00
30.Casserole Beehoon SoupRM3.50
31.Singapore Fried BeehoonRM3.50
32.Fried Beehoon with Salted FishRM3.50
33.Casserole Noodles SoupRM3.50
34.Fried NoodlesRM4.00
35.Hotplate Chicken Breast NoodlesRM5.00
36.Casserole Hor Fun SoupRM3.50
37.Fried Hor Fun with Seafood & PorkRM3.50
38.Fried Hor Fun with BeefRM4.00

Roast Noodles / RicePrice
39.BBQ Pork Noodles / RiceRM3.00
40.BBQ Pork & Wanton NoodlesRM3.50
41.BBQ Pork & Shrimp Dumpling NoodlesRM4.00
42.BBQ Pork & Roast Pork Noodles / RiceRM3.50
43.Roast Pork Noodles / RiceRM3.00
44.Roast Pork & Wanton NoodlesRM3.50
45.Roast Pork & Shrimp Dumpling NoodlesRM4.00
46.Chicken Noodles / RiceRM3.00
47.Chicken & BBQ Pork Noodles / RiceRM3.50
48.Chicken & Roast Pork Noodles / RiceRM3.50
49.Chicken Drumstick Noodles / RiceRM3.50
50.Chicken Drumstick & BBQ Pork Noodles / RiceRM4.00
51.Chicken Drumstick & Roast Pork Noodles / RiceRM4.00
52.Chicken Drumstick & Roast Duck Noodles / RiceRM4.50
53.Roast Duck Noodles / RiceRM3.50
54.Roast Duck & BBQ Pork Noodles / RiceRM4.00
55.Roast Duck & Roast Pork Noodles / RiceRM4.00
56.Roast Duck & Chicken Noodles / RiceRM4.00
57.Duck Drumstick Noodles / RiceRM4.50
58.Duck Drumstick & Chicken Noodles / RiceRM5.00
59.Duck Drumstick & BBQ Pork Noodles / RiceRM5.00
60.Duck Drumstick & Roast Pork Noodles / RiceRM5.00

61.Plain PorridgeRM1.00
62.Chicken PorridgeRM3.00
63.Fish PorridgeRM3.50
64.Three-Colour Eggs PorridgeRM3.00
65.Paddy Chicken PorridgeRM5.00
66.Peanut & Pork PorridgeRM3.00
67.Century Egg & Meat PorridgeRM2.50
68.Dried Brill Fish, Peanut & Pork PorridgeRM4.00
69.Beef PorridgeRM4.00
70.Crab Meat Porridge with Qi ZiRM4.00

71.Wanton Soup (10 pcs)RM3.00 (s) / RM 6.00 (b)
72.Shrimp Dumplings Soup (5 pcs)RM3.50 (s) / RM 7.00 (b)
73.Pepper & Pig Maw Soup RM4.00 (s) / RM 8.00 (b)
74.Watercress & Spareribs SoupRM4.00 (s) / RM 8.00 (b)
75.Double-boiled Eel SoupRM5.00
76.Double-boiled Chicken Soup with Chinese HerbsRM5.00
77.Double-boiled Paddy Chicken Soup with Chinese HerbsRM5.00
78.Double-boiled Chicken Soup with Ginseng RM8.00
79.Sharksfin Soup with CrabmeatRM7.00
80.Salted Vegetable Beancurd SoupRM3.50 (s) / RM7.00 (b)
81.Seaweed & Egg Flower SoupRM3.50 (s) / RM7.00 (b)
82.Mixed Seafood Tom Yam SoupRM5.00 (s) / RM10.00 (b)
83.Mini Seafood Treasure SoupRM20.00

84.Chicken DrumstickRM3.00
85.Duck DrumstickRM4.00
86.Chicken RM5.00 (s) / RM 8.00 (m) RM10.00 (l)
87.BBQ PorkRM5.00 (s) / RM 8.00 (m) RM10.00 (l)
88.Roast PorkRM5.00 (s) / RM 8.00 (m) RM10.00 (l)
89.Roast DuckRM6.00 (s) / RM 8.00 (m) RM10.00 (l)
90.BBQ Pork & Roast PorkRM6.00 (s) / RM 8.00 (m) RM10.00 (l)
91.Roast Duck & ChickenRM6.00 (s) / RM 8.00 (m) RM10.00 (l)
92.Roast Duck & BBQ PorkRM6.00 (s) / RM 8.00 (m) RM10.00 (l)
93.Roast Duck & Roast PorkRM6.00 (s) / RM 8.00 (m) RM10.00 (l)
94.Roast Duck, BBQ Pork & Roast PorkRM8.00 (s) / RM 12.00 (m) RM15.00 (l)
95.Roast Duck, Chicken & BBQ PorkRM8.00 (s) / RM 12.00 (m) RM15.00 (l)
96.Roast Duck, Chicken & Roast PorkRM8.00 (s) / RM 12.00 (m) RM15.00 (l)
97.Chicken, BBQ Pork & Roast PorkRM8.00 (s) / RM 12.00 (m) RM15.00 (l)
98.Roast Duck, Chicken, BBQ Pork & Roast PorkRM8.00 (s) / RM 12.00 (m) RM15.00 (l)

99.Deep-fried Spring RollsRM3.00
100.Deep-fried WantonRM3.00
101.Deep-fried Shrimp DumplingsRM3.50
102.Deep-fried Prawn CakeRM4.00
103.Deep-fried Salted Peppercorn SquidRM6.00
104.Stewed Beef TendonsRM4.00
105.Deep-fried Crabmeat BallsRM4.00
106.Deep-fried Chicken NuggetsRM6.00
107.Stewed Chicken Cabbage with Shrimp & ChickenRM6.00
108.Stir-fried Radish CakeRM2.00
109.Century Eggs with Pickled GingerRM1.50
110.Century Eggs with Chinese BeancurdRM2.50
111.Spicy Pig MawRM4.00
112.Yu Cha Kuih SaladRM5.00
113.Deep-fried Prawn SaladRM6.00
114.Prawn SaladRM6.00

115.Stir-fried Vegetables in Oyster SauceRM4 / RM6 / RM8
116.Stir-fried Vegetables RM4 / RM6 / RM8
117.Beansprout with Salted FishRM4 / RM6 / RM8
118.Egg Foo YongRM4 / RM6 / RM8
119.Chopped Preserved Turnip OmeletteRM4 / RM6 / RM8
120.Prawn OmeletteRM5 / RM8 / RM10
121.Steamed Three Colour EggsRM4
122.Shrimp & Crabmeat OmeletteRM6 / RM9 / RM12
123.Roast Pork with LeeksRM5 / RM8 / RM10
124.Stir-fried Mixed Vegetables RM5 / RM8 / RM10
125.Stir-fried Cauliflower with Assorted Seafood & PorkRM5 / RM8 / RM10
126.Stir-fried Eggplant with Minced MeatRM5 / RM8 / RM10
127.Asparagus in SambalRM6 / RM9 / RM12
128.Stir-fried Broccoli in MushroomsRM8 / RM12 / RM16

129.Fried Beancurd with VegetablesRM4 / RM6 / RM8
130.Beancurd with Szechuan Mustard GreenRM4 / RM6 / RM8
131.Sizzling Beancurd RM6 / RM9 / RM12
132.Claypot BeancurdRM6 / RM9 / RM12
133.Shen Xiang BeancurdRM6 / RM9 / RM12
134.Braised Beancurd with Crabmeat & PrawnRM6 / RM9 / RM12
135.Tasty Style BeancurdRM8 / RM12 / RM16

136.Claypot Braised Fish HeadRM10 (s) / RM20 (b)
137.Fish Head CurryRM12 (s) / RM24 (b)
138.Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet RM6 / RM9 / RM12
139.Stir-fried Fish Fillet with Ginger & Spring OnionsRM6 / RM9 / RM12
140.Tom Yam Fish Fillet RM6 / RM9 / RM12
141.Stir-fried Fish Fillet RM6 / RM9 / RM12
142.Fish in Black Bean Sauce RM6 / RM9 / RM12

143.Stir-fried Squid with Dried Red ChilliRM6 / RM9 / RM12
144.Squid with SambalRM6 / RM9 / RM12
145.Tom Yam SquidRM6 / RM9 / RM12
146.Stir-fried Squid with BroccoliRM6 / RM9 / RM12
147.Stir-fried Squid with CeleryRM6 / RM9 / RM12
148.Deep-fried Spicy SquidRM6 / RM9 / RM12

Paddy ChickenPrice
149.Stir-fried Paddy Chicken with Ginger & Spring OnionsRM10 / RM15 / RM20
150.Stir-fried Paddy Chicken with CeleryRM10 / RM15 / RM20
151.Stir-fried Paddy Chicken with Dried Red ChilliRM10 / RM15 / RM20
152.Paddy Chicken with SambalRM10 / RM15 / RM20
153.Paddy Chicken in Sa Tsa BBQ SauceRM10 / RM15 / RM20

154.Jumbo Spicy PrawnsRM12 / RM18 / RM24
155.Deep-fried Prawns in OatsRM12 / RM18 / RM24
156.Jumbo Butter PrawnsRM12 / RM18 / RM24
157.Tom Yam PrawnsRM12 / RM18 / RM24
158.Sizzling PrawnsRM12 / RM18 / RM24
159.Fried Assam PrawnsRM12 / RM18 / RM24
160.Stir-fried Prawns with Cashew NutsRM8 / RM12 / RM16
161.Stir-fried Prawns with SambalRM8 / RM12 / RM16
162.Stir-fried Prawns with BroccoliRM8 / RM12 / RM16
163.Stir-fried Dried Red ChilliRM8 / RM12 / RM16
164.Stir-fried Honey PeasRM8 / RM12 / RM16
165.Sweet & Sour PrawnsRM8 / RM12 / RM16

166.Mushrooms Chicken LegsRM4 / RM6 / RM8
167.Steamed Salted Fish with ChickenRM5 / RM8 / RM10
168.Claypot Garlic ChickenRM6 / RM9 / RM12
169.Stir-fried Chicken with Cashew NutsRM6 / RM9 / RM12
170.Stir-fried Chicken with Dried Red ChilliRM6 / RM9 / RM12
171.Chicken Meatballs in Black Bean SauceRM6 / RM9 / RM12
172.Chinese Style Chicken ChopRM6 / RM9 / RM12
173.Black Pepper Chicken ChopRM6 / RM9 / RM12
174.Mango ChickenRM6 / RM9 / RM12

175.Steamed Pork with Plum Blossom Preserved CabbageRM5 (s) / RM10 (b)
176.Sweet and Sour PorkRM5 / RM8 / RM10
177.Stir-fried Pork with Ginger and Spring OnionsRM5 / RM8 / RM10
178.Pork Slices in Black Bean SauceRM5 / RM8 / RM10
179.Stir-fried Pork in Dried Curry SauceRM5 / RM8 / RM10
180.Jing Du SpareribsRM6 / RM9 / RM12

181.Venison with Black PepperRM8 / RM12 / RM16
182.Stir-fried Venison with Dried Red ChilliRM8 / RM12 / RM16
183.Stir-fried Venison with Ginger & Spring OnionsRM8 / RM12 / RM16
184.Sizzling VenisonRM8 / RM12 / RM16
185.Venison in Sa Tsa BBQ SauceRM8 / RM12 / RM16

186.Stir-fried Beef with Ginger & Spring OnionsRM6 / RM9 / RM12
187.Stir-fried Beef with Black PepperRM6 / RM9 / RM12
188.Stir-fried Beef with CeleryRM6 / RM9 / RM12
189.Stir-fried Beef in Sa Tsa BBQ SauceRM6 / RM9 / RM12
190.Sizzling BeefRM6 / RM9 / RM12

191.Claypot Seafood DelightRM15 / RM22 / RM30
192.Claypot Fish MawRM10 / RM15 / RM20
193.Claypot Sea CucumberRM10 / RM15 / RM20
194.Stir-fried Mushrooms with Sea CucumberRM10 / RM15 / RM20
195.Stir-fried Limpet with Dried Red ChilliRM8 / RM12 / RM16
196.Stir-fried Broccoli with LimpetRM8 / RM12 / RM16
197.Stir-fried Scallops with GarlicRM8 / RM12 / RM16
198.Stir-fried Mushrooms with ScallopsRM8 / RM12 / RM16
199.Stir-fried Broccoli with Prawns & ScallopsRM8 / RM12 / RM16

D1.Herbal TeaRM0.80
D2.Soya BeanRM1.20
D2a.Heilongjiang SoyaRM1.50
D3.Lo Han KoRM1.20
D4.Fresh Sugar Cane JuiceRM1.20
D5.Fruit JuiceRM1.50
D6.Winter Melon, Cincau, Chestnut, MiloRM1.50
D7.Mineral Water
(500ml) RM1.20
(1500ml) RM2.20

Cocktail Shake Fruit JuicePrice
D10.Passion FruitRM2.00
D11.BBQ Honey PruneRM2.00

D12.F & N, Pepsi Cola, 7-Up(can) RM1.30
D13.100 Plus(can) RM1.60
D14.Anglia Shandy(can) RM1.80

D15.Anchor Beer(can) RM5.00
D16.Anchor Ice Beer(can) RM5.00
D17.Anchor Special Beer(can) RM5.00
D18.Carlsberg Beer(can) RM5.00
(s/bottle) RM5.00
(b/bottle) RM10.00
D19.Carlsberg Special Brew(can) RM5.50
(s/bottle) RM5.50
(b/bottle) RM11.00
D20.Tiger Beer(can) RM5.00
(b/bottle) RM10.00
D21.Guinness Stout(can) RM5.50
(s/bottle) RM5.50
(b/bottle) RM10.50

D22.Almond JellyRM1.50
D23.Kui Ling Gao JellyRM1.20
D24.Sweet Soya Sheets (can) RM1.00
D25.Pek Bok NiRM1.50
D26.Si Ko Th'ngRM1.50

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